1+ Million Happy Users Worldwide

Sync for iCloud Mail lets you synchronise all of your emails stored on iCloud seamlessly.

Material UI

By using the latest libraries from Google, and following the guidelines by Google, we made sure that Sync for iCloud Mail follows the Material UI design. The result is a stunning look and feel.

Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts are supported. A unified inbox helps you see emails from different iCloud accounts without the need to switch from one account to the other. You can also easily filter out emails by account.
Safe and secure

Through the use of the latest encryption technology, all synchronization is performed through an encrypted connection.


Through highly optimised development and testing, Sync for iCloud Mail is very reliable, working flawlessly on the majority of Android devices running the latest version of Android.

Easy to use

Ease of use is a priority for us. Therefore we made using Sync for iCloud Mail as easy as possible. The application has been designed so as to follow the standard email application interface to make it as natural as possible to use.